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Ford F-550 2 axle Camera Cars

Largest working area. Quick release aluminum rails allow fast and easy transitions. Shooting platforms on front and back.


Dodge V-10 3 axle Camera Cars

Structural aluminum tubing and heat treated, quick-connect couplings allows fast set-ups and easy transitions. Air bags on all six wheels ensures the smoothest ride for the camera. Detachable front shooting platform attaches at 5 points around the vehicle for total versatility.


Jeep Cam

Camera jeep, front or rear platform, 304ci V8. Air Ride suspension. 4 x 4


Process Trailers

Process Trailer

Low profile Trailer capable of 6,500 lbs on the deck. Full length, 3 ft wide, hinged wings ideal for dolly moves and other set-ups.


Hydraulic Process Trailer

A 26 ft working deck, plus 3 ft wide hinged wings that run the full length of the trailer. Hydraulics can raise and lower the picture vehicle.


Motorcycle Trailer

Lightweight Car Trailer



Generators - 18kw or 24kw, water cooled gen-sets with sound attenuated housings for the ultimate in silent running.

Tow bars

Tow dollies

Crane bases - Super heavy duty pyramid base mounts used for mobile crane and remote head shots.


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